Happy Easter!

Yes, I realize that Easter was last Sunday. But these little guys are so cute that they get a pass for being a little late to the party. 😉

Peep Nests

As soon as my friend, Karen, and I saw these nests in the newest issue of Taste of Home magazine, we knew we HAD to make them. (Yes, it was that necessary. If we hadn’t put them together, our Easter celebrations would have been just a little less sunny.) In our excitement, we forgot to buy candy eggs for the nests, but I don’t think anyone else noticed.

Peep Nests

20 oz. white baking chips
10 oz. stick pretzels (the small size)
Assorted Peeps
Candy eggs or jelly beans for decorating

In a saucepan on the lowest heat, melt the white baking chips. Reserve about 1/2 cup for “glue.” Pour chips over pretzels in a large bowl and toss to coat thoroughly. (We got the best – if not the messiest – results by using our hands.) Form triangular nests out of a small handful of pretzels and set on waxed paper. Dip the bottom of each Peep into the reserved chips and place one Peep on each nest. Dip candy eggs into the melted chips and place a few on each nest. Let cool until set.

Yield: about 2 dozen nests, depending on the size.

From: Taste of Home


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