Keeping it all straight

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most organized person you’ll ever meet. Yes, I make a weekly menu and shop with a grocery list, but that’s where the organization usually ends for me. It’s not that I want things to be disorganized; I’d just rather not take the time to whip things into shape. (Honestly, why would I want to organize my cooking magazines when I could spend those two hours reading recipes and poring over various blogs?)

But last fall, the chaos in my kitchen cupboards reached epic proportions. More specifically, the mess that I called my spice cupboard exploded, and I knew I had to do something about it. There were large bottles of red pepper flakes, tins of Old Bay, tubs of chili powder and cayenne pepper, and whole heads of garlic, all hanging out inside a couple shallow trays. Finding something without taking EVERYTHING out was hard enough; removing one jar without knocking over three more was next to impossible. Something had to change. And with that, I began browsing the internet (because Google knows everything), which led me to this.

It was just like that scene from Christmas Vacation where they find THE perfect tree. A light shone from heaven. Angels sang. OK, maybe not. But I definitely squealed with excitement and shared the idea via Facebook.

I didn’t end up with the exact same jars as Smitten Kitchen, but I found ones that seemed to fit my criteria: an airtight seal, decent-sized so I wouldn’t always be filling the jars, and with a large enough opening to get my tablespoon (or my fingers) into easily. Enter these goodies from Crate and Barrel (and they were available via the C&B outlet! Win-win!) Throw in some adhesive labels that I picked up at Walmart, and a few hours later, bam! Instant organization (at least in one cupboard in my house).

Yes, I do alphabetize my spices. I'm nerdy like that.

I bought 36 jars and used 30 of them right away, which fit perfectly in the cupboard space I’d allotted for them. (Of course, I ended up buying a new spice the next week, which threw off my ordering AND the cupboard space. Go figure.)

Inspired by: Smitten Kitchen


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