What we’re eating 3/12 – 3/16

I’m embarking on a new challenge this week. My goal is to eat out of our fridge/pantry/freezer for the next two weeks. Partially inspired by a very full freezer, and partially inspired by a desire to shave a few bucks off the grocery budget, I’m hoping to create some tasty (and still healthy!) meals. This first week should be relatively easy, since I still have all of the produce I bought Saturday. We’ll see how this experiment works out.

Monday 3/12 – leftover night! We have grilled pork chops and mashed potatoes, plus some salad and broccoli.
Tuesday 3/13 – Lasagna, garlic bread, and a veggie… possible carrots. This will use up my french bread, spinach and cottage cheese.
Wednesday 3/14 – Grilled steak kabobs, roasted asparagus and, in honor of Pi day, some kind of pie. (I am still agonizing over my dessert choice. I’m currently leaning toward blueberry pie, but only because I didn’t get a chance to freeze rhubarb last spring. If I had some on hand, I’d totally be making a strawberry rhubarb pie.)
Thursday 3/15 – Grilled salmon, roasted cauliflower and roasted sweet potatoes
Friday 3/16 – Grilled BBQ chicken pizza

Yes, we are grilling on three different nights this week. We are experiencing some unseasonably awesome weather (I saw a high of 70 for Thursday, I believe.), and I am all for grilling out and eating on the patio.


2 thoughts on “What we’re eating 3/12 – 3/16

  1. I see that your menu calls for kabobs tonight and pizza on Friday. I guess you switched it just for your guests. Thanks for introducing us to grilled pizza. It was truly delicious. I never would have imagined that the crust would turn out so well. Thanks for sharing your gift of cooking with us.

  2. It did, originally! (So hopefully you’re not too disappointed that you didn’t get kabobs… we can do that next time.) We thought today felt more like a pizza day, so I’m glad you liked it!

    And congrats on being the first people to comment here! šŸ™‚

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