CSA Week #3

Eating your veggies and trying new things – that’s what a CSA is all about, right?

I sure hope so, because this is what we brought home:

Last week, garlic scapes were our new veggie of week. AnnieRie suggested I turn them into hummus, which seemed like a good idea. The hummus turned out great, and I took it to our small group/Bible study, where it was very well received! Several people suggested I make garlic scape pesto, and since we received more scapes this week, I think that’s what I’ll do. (I’ve borrowed a friend’s food processor to make it easier – my immersion blender isn’t cut out for that task!) 

This week, our newcomers are kale and kohlrabi. Any suggestions on what to do with the kohlrabi? (I think kale will be easier to work into our regular meals… I plan to try it in this recipe from Elly Says Opa!)

So, what else was in this week’s share? Two zucchini, a large head of lettuce and some garlic scapes (along with those two kohlrabi and the bunch of kale). And yes, I know you see sugar snap peas there, but those aren’t from the CSA! Those babies are from our garden. And that’s just the start. Tonight I picked these guys:

That’s right, nearly a whole quart container of sugar snaps! Now, the real question is: will I actually get to cook with them, or will we just eat them raw?


9 thoughts on “CSA Week #3

  1. Hi Beth, Your grandpa always raises kohlrabi and we peel it and eat it raw by itself or cut up and put in lettuce salad. They are better small and kinda taste like mild cabbage. Yours looks like the right size. We have a friend that eats them raw no matter what size. We like them. Love your sugar snap peas Did the fence help with the rabbits.

    1. Thanks, Grandma! We’ll give the kohlrabi a try!! So far the fence is helping… now we just need some rain! But we have tiny tomatoes on the plants and the beans are flowering!

  2. I just made a kohlrabi puree which was pretty good. I’ve also put it in a slaw, stir fried and roasted. I love making a massaged kale salad.

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