CSA Week #8

This past week may have been Andy’s favorite week so far, thanks to one of the cutest watermelons I’ve ever seen. And it was yellow on the inside!

So,  along with the Yellow Doll watermelon, we received four ears of sweet corn, five beets, three cucumbers, a pint of sun gold cherry tomatoes and several sprigs of basil.

In our typical fashion, we scarfed down the corn right away. (I have all of these recipes that call for fresh corn, but I never get to them. We just eat too fast.) I added the tomatoes to a pizza one night and had them on tacos another. I’m going to make more “quick pickles” with the cukes, and I imagine that we’ll just steam or roast the beets. (Although the idea of beet chips really intrigues me… hmm.) 

Remember all of those banana peppers I’d accumulated over the past few weeks? I decided to make a jar of pickled peppers with them. I love pickled peppers (especially on pizza and subs!), so I’m really hoping this experiment turns out! They’re hanging out in the fridge now.


Looking for more ideas on what to do with summer veggies? Check out InHerChucks’ “What’s in the box” post and link party! 

9 thoughts on “CSA Week #8

  1. This lovely produce display says cold soup to me…cold beet borcht, gaspacho, velvety chilled corn soup, watermelon soup. It’s so hot outside that cold soup is the only thing that sounds good to me :-/

  2. Also love pickled peppers! I do pickled jalapenos every year but I think I need to try banana peppers now.

  3. Oh, beet chips sounds intriguing! I’ve not head of that before, but I’ve got a bunch of beets that i need to do something with soon…so it sounds like i should learn more about them!

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