CSA Week #9

Check it out! It’s tomato season! And since I’d rather cook with tomatoes than eat them raw (unless we’re talking about a nice slice on a meaty burger), I was pretty excited to get “regular” tomatoes, rather than cherry tomatoes, in our CSA box this week.

So, what else was, there, aside from the tomatoes and sprigs of basil? Four ears of sweet corn, half a pound of green beans, two summer squash, two green peppers, two more cucumbers, and the world’s tiniest cantaloupe. (Corny joke of the day: Why did the melons have a big wedding? Because they were CANT-ELOPE! Get it?! Hahaha… OK. I’m done now.) 

The green beans are gone already, along with two ears of the corn and one of the peppers. I plan on cutting the corn off the other two ears and combining it with some lime juice, onion, black beans, tomato, basil and cooked chicken, and serving it for lunch in a wrap tomorrow. Sounds nice and refreshing to me. I really could use some new ideas for the cucumbers though. As much as I like them as refrigerator pickles, a little variety would be good. And I’m wondering if the summer squash would be an acceptable substitute for zucchini in fritters. Any thoughts on that?

And thanks to my wonderful friend, Janelle, I now have enough tomatoes to get some canned! She was nice enough to give me a giant grocery bag full, along with some jalapenos and green peppers. Sounds like a good thing for tomorrow’s to-do list.

Be sure to check out the “What’s in the Box” link party over at InHerChucks! Lots of great veggies and ideas.


5 thoughts on “CSA Week #9

  1. Beth I used summer squash anytime it calls for zucchini and I like cucumbers peeled and sliced thin with slices of raw onion that is sweet and put a little marzetti dressing I use for cole slaw on it. I am the only one that eats them at my house. They pick your vegetables too big according to my liking. The smaller the vegetables the better. Your green beans look like they have beans in them that means they aren’t tender. I have put corn in freezer for you. You can pick it up when you come home. If Dad would come by before going next week you could get it now.I have 18 containers would you like more.? Let me know so we can do the next batch. You sure are a wonderful home wife. Not many women can anymore. Love and miss you. Grandma

  2. I like to make a fritter like dish with the yellow squash. I just use it in rounds and dip it in eggs and then breadcrumbs. Love even more than zucchini.

  3. Thanks for linking up and for the shout out 🙂 That corn concoction sounds glorious! I will have to try that out next time I get some fresh corn. Delicious!

    As far as the fritters, I haven’t made that recipe before but I have made fritters with squash before. And they were delicious. So it should work just fine. Here is the recipe I made…they were SOOOOO good…http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/parmesan_squash_cakes.html.

    Here is a similar idea that uses both zucchini and summer squash. I have never tried it before but it looks divine…http://www.rachelcooks.com/2012/07/16/summer-squash-pancakes-with-creamy-goat-cheese-dressing/.

    Good luck!

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