CSA Week #10 (better late than never!)

So it’s been nearly a week since we picked up our week 10 CSA box, and I’m just now getting around to blogging about it. That’s what happens when you have weekend house guests, I suppose!

Our haul this week included one watermelon, four ears of sweet corn, a pint of cherry tomatoes (this has been my favorite variety of the cherries so far), two green peppers, two zucchini (more fritters, anyone?), four cucumbers, a small bag (I forgot to weigh it) of wax beans and our newbie for the week: an eggplant.

We ate the watermelon straight up, spitting out the seeds as we went. I steamed some of the beans with dinner last Thursday night, and we’ll finish those tonight. The corn was grilled, then cut off the cob and added to my dinner experiment (which Andy rated as a five star experiment) last night. (I did take a picture, so I will try to blog that one sometime in the not-too-distant future.) We’ve been slicing and eating the cucumbers, either as plain cukes or as quick pickles, and the tomatoes and peppers are making their way into various meals and snacks.

The real question is, what do I do with the eggplant? My current plan is to use my grandma’s eggplant casserole recipe and try it that way first. After all, if Grandma says it’s good, it must be, right? She’s smart! 🙂 I think that will only use about half the eggplant though, so I am open to suggestions!

In fact, I think I’ll go check out the links at InHerChuck’s “What’s in the Box?” link party to see if anyone there has an idea for my eggplant. You should check it out too, even if you’re not trying to find a home for an eggplant. 🙂

4 thoughts on “CSA Week #10 (better late than never!)

  1. Simple but not light way to utilize eggplant is to dredge slices in seasoned flour and pan-fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. From there, you can stack it with a slice of fresh mozz cheese and a tomato slice and top it with a sprig of basil and drizzle with good olive oil.

    Otherwise grill the whole eggplant and then puree it with tahini, garlic and lemon and make baba ganoush dip and eat with good bread, fresh tomatoes, olives/pickles and feta for a mezze plate spread.

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