CSA Week #11

Holy huge onion, Batman!

That was my first impression when I unloaded the bag with this week’s veggies. The onion is about two times the size of the tomato. Now, I love onions and use them in just about every savory dish, but I’m wondering if I should do something special with this one. Any thoughts? Any thoughts besides French onion soup – it’s not quite soup weather here… yet. (Fall’s coming soon though! Football! Soup! Apple crisp! I digress…)ย 

Here’s the rest of the scoop on week 11: Four ears of corn (I think these were the best we’ve gotten so far this season!), two summer squash, two tomatoes, one green pepper, one cucumber, 10 ounces of wax beans and two springs of basil.

The corn was gone the next night, and I put the basil on our turkey sandwiches for lunch one day. The beans were steamed till tender and the cucumber is hanging out in the refrigerator pickle brine. I have big plans for the pepper, thanks to the BBQ-U show on PBS. (Yes, I watch the PBS cooking shows. Yes, I might be a nerd. Don’t judge me.)ย 

In addition to our box of goodies we picked up half a bushel of Roma tomatoes from our CSA as well, which means some QT with my canner this coming week. (Of course, this will also mean that the temperature will spike back up, I’m sure. It always does when I’m canning!) And since we were picking up the tomatoes, we got another half dozen ears of corn. You can never have too much, right?

And just like the last few weeks, I’m participating in the “What’s in the Box” link party over at InHerChucks. It’s the 40th one! I’m loving all of the new ideas for my veggies.


6 thoughts on “CSA Week #11

  1. Hey Beth- nice box this week. Looks like you’ve got one of those Spanish Alisa onions- the size of a large grapefruit, they are incredibly sweet and perfect for….(drumroll)….onion rings! I’ve gotten 3 of these giants in my CSA this year. I made onion rings one night- using seasoned flour. egg wash and then panko coating, fried in vegetable oil, and J said they were the best onion rings he’s ever eaten. I know it’s fried- but it’s worth the indulgence for this onion.

    I also need to can tomatoes!

  2. I like to take that big onion and peel it. Hollow out a small area in the center with a melon ball tool. Put in butter and salt and pepper and any other spice. Wrap it in foil and put it on the grill while your other stuff cooks. They’re amazing.

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