CSA Week #17

This might be one of my favorite weeks! After all, potatoes are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, right? (What? That’s not how the saying goes? Hmm. Could have fooled me.) 


Besides those five wonderful potatoes (How do I decide what to do with them? French fries? Twice baked? Scalloped? I digress…), we received a bag of beets, three tomatoes, a cabbage and a striped acorn squash.

The cabbage is destined for a cabbage/bacon/noodle dish that we really enjoy. (It’s a recipe from my sister-in-law, and it’s definitely a keeper! Thanks, Kim!) I made a stuffed acorn squash with our last one, and I just might do that again. (Psst… did you know that you can microwave the squash in the first step of the recipe? Saves a TON of time!) Our meatless meal for next week will be bean and cheese quesadillas, so the tomatoes might wind up there. 

Since I’m indecisive, give me some suggestions for those spuds! Do I bake ’em? Roast ’em? Mash ’em? Help a girl out! (And while you’re at it, come join me at InHerChucks’ “What’s in the Box?” link party! I’m sure someone there has a good idea for spuds!) 

11 thoughts on “CSA Week #17

  1. I actually grew my own potatoes this year…I was quite proud of myself. I used some of them for mashed potatoes and we just baked more this week. Both were quite delicious!

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