CSA Late Season Share

Remember how sad I was when our CSA ended? Well, in a happy turn of events, we were able to enjoy another bunch of CSA goodies, thanks to the late share that our CSA offers. It’s a one-time delivery, and while we should have signed up at the beginning of the year, our farm was nice enough to let us sneak in and sign up at the end of the year!


This was seriously the haul of the season. There was a large bunch of carrots, two acorn squashes, another mystery squash, a pie pumpkin, a dozen eggs, a spaghetti squash, three sweet potatoes, a cabbage, several heads of broccoli, a bag of shallots and garlic, and, what is officially the world’s largest head of cauliflower. (I busted out my kitchen scale and weighed that sucker – it clocked in at 5 pounds, 13 ounces. It might have been bigger than I was as a newborn! My mother will have to verify that…) 

I am really enjoying all of these goodies, especially since so many of them keep so well. The squash are hanging out with the rest of our squash stash in the basement, although a stuffed acorn squash is in our near future, I am sure. The broccoli has been roasted and devoured, along with some of the cauliflower. I made cabbage soup with some of the cabbage. (It was only OK, so I am out to find more uses for the rest of it. I’m thinking about homemade egg rolls.) The shallots were the most exciting part of the late share. I thought they were tiny red onions at first, but then I sliced into one and discovered that it was exactly what I needed for the my orzo! (I don’t always have shallots on hand, so I substitute onions on a regular basis.) 

Up-close with my farm-fresh eggs and broccoli. Isn’t it beautiful?

In other food news:

We picked up our quarter share of beef this past week. For the last few years, we’ve been buying our beef from someone we know at church. I love the fact that we know where our meat is coming from, what the cow ate, how it was treated, etc. Plus, the ground beef is incredibly lean – I hardly ever have to drain it! Now that we have ground beef again, I’m sure that Andy will want burgers back on the menu.

My grandparents are exceptional gardeners, and my amazing grandma thought of us over the summer and put some of their sweet corn and broccoli in the freezer for us. She also loaded us up with some of my grandpa’s onions and potatoes. She also sent us home with a frozen pan of apple dumplings. Yay! 🙂

Between the beef and all of the veggies, I feel like I only need to run to the grocery store for milk, OJ and bread! (And if I could get my act together and bake bread on a regular basis, that would cut another item off the grocery store list!) 


6 thoughts on “CSA Late Season Share

  1. What a wonderful gift from your grandparents–they rock!
    I swear the cow in our freezer is multiplying in there. It’s been nearly a year and you would not know that we’ve made a dent in the meat.
    Not complaining, mind you! I’ve weathered 2 power outages with this beef.
    If you have room in your garden, plant a few of those shallots and you’ll have more next spring!

    1. Could I plant the shallots now? Even though the temps are dipping into the teens? Or would you recommend hanging on to them and planting in the spring?

  2. Great harvest share! I can verify that your cauliflower has you beat as a newborn by 11 oz! Love all your stuff (except that acorn squash thing…still can’t get up the desire/courage to eat another one of those!) Can’t wait to see more posts as you use your produce!

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