Strawberries and (sour) cream!

This would not have been an ice cream I would have gravitated to as a child. As pretty as it looks, I was (and still am, for the most part) a chocolate ice cream girl. Plain chocolate, rocky road, fudge brownie… you get the picture. (Apparently though, you wouldn’t know it by looking at my ice cream tag. Must be because the chocolate ice cream get eaten before I have a chance to snap a picture…) 

However, I was in the mood for ice cream, and I didn’t have the time or patience for a fussy, custard-based recipe, or a trip to the grocery store for additional ingredients, which is why this recipe was perfect. Five ingredients? Almost no hands-on prep time? Where do I sign up?

The ice cream ended up being better than I expected. It was just sweet enough and perfectly creamy. I just made sure that Andy didn’t see the sour cream going into the mixing bowl. (What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?) And since strawberry pairs so well with chocolate, I channeled my inner child and dressed it up with some chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Just because. 🙂


Strawberry Ice Cream

1 quart of strawberries, fresh or frozen*
3/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vodka, optional (I didn’t use this, simply because the vodka was in the basement, and I didn’t feel like going downstairs to retrieve it…) 
1 cup sour cream (I used light sour cream, with no apparent ill effects.) 
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Slice the strawberries and place in a large bowl. (See note below. If using frozen, simply place the frozen berries in a bowl and let thaw before proceeding.) Add sugar to berries and let stand for an hour. (I skipped this step since my thawed berries were already soft and juicy. If you’re using frozen berries, simply stir them until the sugar dissolves.) 

Mix in the sour cream and heavy cream, then use an immersion blender to puree the mixture to your desired consistency. (I made mine mostly smooth, with just a few strawberry chunks.) Stir in the lemon juice, then cover and refrigerate until well-chilled.

Freeze chilled mixture in an ice cream maker.

*Here’s the deal with the strawberries. Fresh is going to be better, 99 times out of 100. However, in March, in Wisconsin, “fresh” strawberries were picked green and trucked several hundred miles to get to my store. I opted to use the strawberries we froze after picking them last June. I let them thaw in a bowl, proceeded with the recipe. 

From Annie’s Eats, who adapted the recipe from David Lebovitz’s “The Perfect Scoop”

Click here for a printable version.


5 thoughts on “Strawberries and (sour) cream!

  1. Beth,
    Strawberries dunked in sour cream and then brown sugar are one of my favorite spring treats. This ice cream sounds like the best way to enjoy them! I’m with you–the strawberries in the grocery store now just taste gross, or if not gross, they just don’t taste like strawberries. My daughter, a true strawberry hound, won’t even ask for them any more. She’s sick of being disappointed with the good looks and yet bland flavor.


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