What we’re eating: 4/29/13 – 5/3/13

I have been a slacker blogger lately. I’m still trying to get back in a groove after my five days in New Orleans. (Work trip, not vacation. And while I took advantage of the seafood in NOLA, I managed to leave without trying a crepe or a beignet. Whoops. Food blogger fail. Anyway.) I have a couple of fun desserts lined up to share with everyone, but until I get those typed out, I figured I’d share my menu for this week.

It’s going to be an up and down week, weather-wise, which means we’re grilling fish on Tuesday and having a warm, hearty soup on Friday. Welcome to springtime in Wisconsin. (It’s been a beautiful weekend though, which let us squeeze in a bike ride to the local DQ for blizzards. Gotta love it.) 🙂

Monday 4/29 – Chickpea tomato pasta. Hands down, one of our favorite meatless meals. One of these days, I’ll take a picture of it and share it with you all.
Tuesday 4/30 – Grilled tilapia with fruit salsa and green beans. Still trying to decide between this salsa with strawberries and this one with oranges. Hmm.
Wednesday 5/1 – BBQ chicken pizza. Yum.
Thursday 5/2 – Chicken bruschetta bake.
Friday 5/3 – Sweet potato and sausage soup. New recipe for Friday!

Garden update: I spent some time this afternoon cleaning out flower beds, and it looks like my chives and oregano are coming back strong! The rhubarb and strawberries are both up as well. The rosemary, not so much. I thought that would come back, but maybe I was mistaken. Probably should check with my gardening expert (a.k.a., my mom) about that one. The warm weather has me completely excited for planting our veggies, and I can’t wait for our CSA to start. (We’re still several weeks out from both of those things though…) 


4 thoughts on “What we’re eating: 4/29/13 – 5/3/13

  1. Beth, do you know about Tackle The Menu Tuesday at Let This Mind Be In You? This post is made for it.
    I’d love to write out a menu, but I know I wouldn’t stick with it (and I have no incoming CSA box to blame it on!) so I won’t bother trying. We’re eating what my spouse is craving until he leaves (which means turkey casserole and salmon artichoke dip are on the menu). This morning I roasted the final butternut squash of the 2012 CSA season and I plan on turning it into a couple of dips/hummus. Perhaps that’s my theme–a dip dinner one night this week. Pizza on Friday, now I just need to figure out the other days.
    I’m looking forward to your soup!

    1. I haven’t heard of that, but I will go check it out! 🙂 And I love the idea of dips for dinner… especially one with butternut squash! I still have a little squash left in the freezer from our CSA last fall.

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