The One We’ve All Been Waiting For: CSA 2013 Week 1


Holy huge head of lettuce, Batman! 🙂

Week one of our CSA has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Our first share was full of spring goodies – never mind that the calendar says that today is the first day of summer.

Here’s the official tally for week one:

2 1/2 POUNDS of Romaine lettuce
1 pound of asparagus
12 ounces of rhubarb
1 bunch of radishes (clocking in around 12 ounces as well)
4 potatoes (I’m guessing these guys are holdovers from last fall’s crop. It’s way too early for potatoes in Wisconsin!)

So, what are my plans for our first batch of freshly-grown goodness? Besides salads, right? 🙂 I’ll probably roast the asparagus… although I did see a spring risotto that I’d love to try. Mashed potatoes would go well with roasted asparagus too. The rhubarb is destined for a baked good, but I can’t decide if I should make a pie, a cake or rhubarb squares. Decisions, decisions.

The radishes are the tricky veggie in this batch. I roasted the ones we received last year, and while I liked them, Andy wasn’t a huge fan. Since it’s looking like I’ll be the only one eating the radishes anyway, I think I’d like to try a radish salad this time around. Here’s hoping that Google turns up a winning recipe!

I picked three quarts of strawberries from our garden this week too! I thought about turning them into a pie, but, true to form, we’ve been too busy eating them plain. I’m hoping we’ll get out to a local strawberry farm this weekend and be able to pick enough for eating, baking and freezing.

Finally, I get to share this post with the link party over at In Her Chucks. I’m so glad to be back after a long winter. Head on over to see what everyone else is doing with their produce! 🙂

6 thoughts on “The One We’ve All Been Waiting For: CSA 2013 Week 1

  1. Beth,
    I’m doing the happy dance for you–holy cow that’s a big head of lettuce!
    My kids, not radish fans, have been eating our CSA radishes in yakisoba and summer soup, but for me nothing beats a radish sandwich.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your CSA again after a long winter!

    1. A radish sandwich? I’ve never thought of that. Might be worth trying. And it is SO nice to have the fresh veggies again. My grocery shopping just got so much easier!

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