Catching up… CSA Weeks 6, 7 & 8

Wow. Three weeks of CSA goodness in one post. I’ve clearly been falling behind here! Thankfully, even though I’m behind in my writing, I’ve been doing a fairly decent job of eating all the veggies we’re bringing home each week.

CSA2013 week 6

Week five brought us more garlic scapes! Yay! (I have yet to make my garlic scape pesto. I’m hoping to tackle that this weekend, and then I plan on working it into a pizza.) With fresh mozzarella and bacon. Yum. And now that I’m thinking about that, I may bump that dinner up to tomorrow night. There were also green beans (steamed them and ate them), broccoli (roasted and devoured) and zucchini/summer squash (fritterized those puppies)

CSA2013 week 7

Week seven had a lot of good things going for it. Like blueberries, broccoli, red onions and a purplish head of cauliflower. (Oh yeah, and two cucumbers, a cantaloupe, a zucchini and a summer squash.) I’d like to say that I baked something phenomenal with the blueberries, but those babies were too good for their own good. I may or may not have eaten more than half of them in one sitting, much to Andy’s disappointment. (What? It’s not really my fault. If he works late, I can’t be held responsible for what happens to the blueberries in his absence. And I made it up to him – I gave him the entire melon.) 

CSA2013 week 8Week eight might be my favorite so far… can you guess why?

FOUR EARS OF SWEET CORN. We will be eating that for dinner tomorrow night. I love fresh sweet corn too much to do anything with it besides dress it with butter and a little salt. Mmm. There’s also cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, kohlrabi and cantaloupe.

The green beans are from our garden (FINALLY!), along with the tomatoes. The tomatoes are a little under ripe, but nothing that a couple days on the windowsill won’t fix. (We probably wouldn’t have picked them, but we had a crazy storm last night that knocked them off the vine!) Our neighbors gave us two cucumbers and a zucchini from their garden as well. (Check them out in the lower left corner of the picture.) With all of those cucumbers, I kind of want to make pickles. Hmm…

I’ve made a lot of zucchini/squash fritters this year, and while we really enjoy them, I think I’m ready for a change. How does gnocchi with summer squash and feta sound? Now, I’ve never made gnocchi, but my Smitten Kitchen cookbook has a recipe for it, so I’m willing to give it a try. (I’m actually really excited about this… I think it will be my Saturday project.) 😀 Does anyone out there have any tips for this gnocchi newbie?

Oh, and would you like to know what I’ve been up to, besides writing? Only spending as much time as possible at my favorite event ever:

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013

Don’t worry… all the planes have flown home, and I have a long list of things to catch you up on, including:

  • Peanut Butter Crumb Cakes
  • Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Cucumber Dill Salad (aka “Quick Pickles”)
  • Cherry Salsa
  • Chocolate Cherry Muffins
  • Cherry Lemonade (Can you tell that I had three lugs of cherries to deal with over the last two and a half weeks?)
  • Pie Crust Comparison (This one’s been a long time coming… my friend Bethany and I have been working on this since early spring. It’s our own version of America’s Test Kitchen.) 😀

Whew. I’m exhausted just looking at my list (especially since I still need to photograph half of those items before I can share them). Hopefully I’ll get these going sooner rather than later!

In the meantime, I’m going to catch up with the goodness that’s happening over at In Her Chucks’ “What’s in the Box?” link party. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been over there, and I’m sure that there’s a lot I need to catch up on there too!




3 thoughts on “Catching up… CSA Weeks 6, 7 & 8

  1. Beth,
    You’ve been eating good, I can see. What wonderful hauls from your farm share. I can personally vouch for garlic scape pesto pizza–made it, loved it, photographed it, and wrote up the posts. Probably haven’t published the drafts yet though. I’ve been keeping up with the eating and photographing, I just need to sit and write more. Soon, I keep saying.

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