Hello Again! CSA Weeks 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14!

Whew. I blinked, and we’re already more than halfway through September. Where did the time go? I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, but I have a good reason excuse. 😀 I spent the last week of August standing over large kettles of boiling water, trying to process the produce from our garden and CSA before leaving town for two weeks. I canned two batches of green beans and one batch of tomatoes, and then made a batch of refrigerator pickles. Seriously, why does everything ripen at once??!

Then, I spent two weeks out of cell phone range. I can’t say I missed it too much. (Except for those days when we wondered what the forecast would be. And where the closest shower was. And if my football teams were winning.) Unplugging is great though. Especially when it means you can spend some quality time with the people you care about. Not only did I have two weeks with Andy, but we were able to see some good friends who in Iowa and spend several days with Andy’s brother, his wife and their three kids. Quality aunt/uncle/niece/nephew time! We loved it. 😀

Our morning view, if we walked a minute or two down the campground road.

I am very glad to be back though. I missed my kitchen very much. You know it’s bad when you start dreaming about food on vacation. (If you must know, it was a dream about pavlova. Chocolate pavlova. With whipped cream and berries.) The alarm clock… now, that I didn’t miss. Not at all.

While we were frolicking with the pikas and bighorn sheep, my friend Karen picked up our CSA box. She was blessed with tons of tomatoes and peppers, along with some sweet corn, cantaloupe and a few other things.

I don’t have many pictures of the weeks we were gone, but I do have pictures from weeks 10, 11 and 14. (Like I said, I’ve been neglecting this poor blog.) Who’s ready for a produce overload?

Week 10: POTATOES, green beans, broccoli, pickles, green peppers, sweet corn, summer squash, zucchini and a poblano pepper, which turned out to be the hottest poblano I’ve ever tasted. (Andy was not pleased by the amount of heat it added to his dinner.) Whoops… 😀 I’m pretty sure the patty pan squash took a road trip to Iowa, and I ended up making refrigerator pickles with the pickles/cucumbers.

CSA2013 10

Week 11: Tomatoes, grape tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, sweet corn, a Japanese eggplant, green peppers, cucumbers and pickles. We ate as much as we could before we left, and I packed what I thought would hold up well in the cooler for our trip. That left us with some tomatoes, a cucumber or two and the eggplant. Rather than leave them to rot in our fridge, I packed them (and a few dozen tomatoes from our garden) into the car and shared them with our friends Andy and Jackie in Iowa! Unfortunately, the trip in the cooler wasn’t kind to the green beans, and we had to pitch them in Colorado. 😦 We did eat the rest of the cucumbers/pickles, grape tomatoes, zucchini and green peppers on our trip.

CSA2013 11

Week 12 or 13… photo courtesy of my friend Karen!

Week 14: Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, green beans, sweet corn, potatoes, green peppers and a cantaloupe. Yum! I am most excited about the greens, beans and potatoes. OK, and the sweet corn. 🙂 These tiny cantaloupes have got to be the sweetest melons we’ve ever tasted. Andy makes fast work of those guys.

CSA2013 14

A garden update: Things looked a little sad when we returned from vacation. (Apparently the rain that chased us out of Colorado didn’t make it to Wisconsin.) Our carrots look OK, and our beans are hanging in there. The beets, well… they’re pretty sad-looking. We’re considering skipping the beets next year and using the space for something that won’t have failure to thrive. Hmm. The tomatoes look OK as well. We have some green ones, so I’m hoping they ripen before we get a killer frost.

Whew! I think that brings us all up to speed, at least as far as produce is concerned. I’m going to go share this post with everyone over at In Her Chucks’ “What’s in the Box?” link party. Hopefully they don’t mind that I’m way behind! You should go check it out as well… these’s always good stuff there. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hello Again! CSA Weeks 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14!

  1. Welcome back Beth! Everything looks scrumptious. And congratulations on taking REAL time off out of cell phone range. We go to a friend’s cabin in eastern WA sometimes- it’s got a land line but no TV, computers and you have to drive 9 miles into the nearest gas station for a cell phone signal. It’s the best way to unplug with music and books; hiking, staring at the stars and good food.

  2. Welcome back–looks like your farmers have been doing well in your absence, Beth!
    My garden was sad (though nothing is stopping the tomatoes), but a couple of good rainy days have perked it right up and I even have 2 zucchini attempting to become baseball bats.

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