CSA Week #15

04 Oct

The end is near! The end is near!! (Can’t you picture doomsday people running around, waving signs?) Thankfully, our CSA goes for 20 weeks, so I have a month left, but still! Where does the summer go?

On the plus side, fall brings all sorts of goodies that summer doesn’t. Things like squash and potatoes. I can’t wait for those! Until then, however, I’m going to soak in all that the end of summer has to offer. Especially when it’s sweet corn.

CSA2013 week 15

Yes, it looks like a TON of sweet corn. We received four ears as part of our share, and Andy splurged on an extra dozen because “it tastes so good, and it won’t last forever!” Yet another reason for me to love him. 😀

We also received the cutest little zucchini (too small for fritters, unfortunately), more tomatoes (Romas and grape), some tasty mixed greens, more bell peppers, green and wax beans, kohlrabi and tomatillos! The apples and pears are from one of Andy’s coworkers, rather than our CSA, but I’m still counting them in our produce haul for the week.

I would love to tell you that I tried all sorts of new things with 16 ears of corn, but, like always, we were unable to do anything but eat it straight-up. I did try a new pasta recipe with the grape tomatoes, and we got a few salads out of the greens. I am excited to try something new with the tomatillos, since Andy wasn’t wowed by my attempts at salsa verde last year. I think I’m going to try this enchilada recipe – I just need to find a substitute for hatch chiles. (My default guess would be jalapenos or serrano chiles, maybe? Any suggestions?)

As usual, I’m sharing my CSA goodies with the link party over at InHerChucks. Check it out!



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2 responses to “CSA Week #15

  1. Kirsten

    October 6, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    I am sorry to say I have no substitute for Hatch chiles (poblanos maybe?) but I’m not at all sorry to say that I am utterly spoiled by the grocery store down the road. One weekend in August I can walk down the road, with Simon, and pick up a quart, or two, or three of freshly roasted Hatch chiles. I pop some of the peppers into the freezer to save until I get tomatillos in the farm share, then later I can salsa verde, straight from the Ball recipe but using roasted Hatch for the peppers they suggest.
    I’d love extra corn, and fruit from friends. Yum!

  2. inherchucks

    October 14, 2013 at 12:03 am

    That corn wouldn’t last two seconds in our house…my husband is a corn fanatic. Sounds like yours is too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and linking up! Enjoy the corn…


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