Coming to a close… CSA Weeks 18, 19 & 20

Somehow, I thought that I would have more time to blog this fall. You know, after the summer produce had been processed and the vacation pictures had been ordered. (Ha! This still hasn’t happened…) Clearly, that hasn’t been the case. So rather than three separate CSA posts, I’ll just do a big recap of the final three weeks of our CSA season.

The biggest theme for the last few weeks was “that’s a new veggie!” We came home with Chinese cabbage, bok choy and a couple new-to-me squashes (sunspot? buttercup? I’m taking suggestions).

CSA2013 week 18

Week 18: Peppers. Lots of them. We ate them raw, in tacos, in chili… you name it. I couldn’t tell you where exactly the onions ended up, because, well, we put them in everything. (And then we eat leftovers for lunch at work. My apologies to our coworkers.)

There was an eggplant, two tiny squash, a bunch of radishes, a buttercup squash, a sunspot squash and a watermelon! Yes, a watermelon. In October. It’s the striped green item in the back of the picture, and it was bright yellow on the inside and super sweet. As always, my favorite thing was the bag of potatoes. I actually don’t remember how I prepared them (roasted, perhaps?), but it’s safe to say that I loved them.

CSA2013 week 19

Week 19: A week of favorites, for sure! Beets! Potatoes! Onions! Butternut squash! Tender, baby greens! And then… what the heck is a Chinese cabbage? I was at a loss for what to do with this giant, prickly, green thing. Thank goodness for the internet, specifically Kirsten’s veggie-loaded blog. (Do you follow this one? You should. She does great things with produce. And pizza!) I sauteed some of the cabbage with olive oil, onions, salt and pepper and then forced our friends to eat it. Not bad, although we all decided it would be better sauteed with some bacon. (Then again, what isn’t better with bacon?) I used some more of it for a riff on my cabbage and noodles dish, using Chinese cabbage and kielbasi instead of the standard cabbage and bacon. Now to find a use for the remaining third of the head… (I told you it was giant!) 

One more thing about week 19 – the potatoes were pink and purple. Not just the skins, but the flesh too. How fun! They even kept most of their color during cooking! (I roasted these with garlic and salt and pepper. Mmmmm.) I had seen blue potatoes as a kid, but these were much more vibrant.

CSA2013 week 20
Week 20: Sigh. It’s the last week! (Well, we’re participating in the late-season share too. But this is the last week of the regular share. WHY DOES SUMMER GO SO FAST?!) Anyway… more squash! And a pumpkin! And radishes, peppers, onions, potatoes, bok choy and oh look, turnips. Another new one. I’m 99% sure I’ll roast them. Everything is better roasted, right?

The large red pepper in front is actually a “mystery pepper,” according to our CSA guy. All I know is that it was sweet, not spicy, and went perfectly with the bok choy in our stir-fry. (The bok choy was also new to me – I’d seen it before, but never cooked with it.) 

Which brings us to the end, I guess. Boo. How long until spring??


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