What We’re Eating – 3/23 – 3/28

Happy Saturday! After a week of disorganization and chaos in our home (all self-induced – we decided to paint the dining room and hallway this past week!), I finally had a few minutes to sit down and put together a meal plan for the next week. Maybe we’ll even sit down and eat in the “new” dining room this week, instead of the kitchen. 🙂

Sunday 3/23 – Pork chops and Annie’s spring risotto. I have been wanting to make this risotto for ages, and I finally broke down and bought the ingredients.
Monday 3/24 – Cabbage and noodles with bacon
Tuesday 3/25 – Steak fajitas – not sure what recipe I’ll use for them, but this post from Smitten Kitchen got me thinking about fajitas. And spring. But that’s another story… especially since the weatherman just said our low tonight is 6. SIX DEGREES. Where do I live, the tundra? Oh yeah…
Wednesday 3/26 – Lemon orzo soup with chickpeas. I’m going to try to make this soup meatless by swapping the chicken for chickpeas. Worth a shot, right?
Thursday 3/27 – Chicken Parmesan and roasted broccoli – my friend Bethany sent me a picture of the chicken parm she made the other day, and I was inspired. Looking forward to this one!
Friday 3/28 – Burgers on the grill, roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower.

In other food news, has anyone been paying attention to the kitchen challenges that Lindsay is sharing over at Love and Olive Oil? I haven’t done any of them, but I am intrigued by the April challenge – eclairs!! I might try to squeeze this one in to my schedule.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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