It’s Back! CSA 2014: Week 1

23 Jun

Finally! After months of waiting, it’s CSA season again! This is our third year participating in the CSA program through Olden Produce, and I am just as excited about it now as I was three years ago. I love knowing where my food comes from, and I truly believe that nothing tastes better than fresh produce. (OK, so maybe chocolate tastes better. Maybe.) 

What did we get this week?

CSA2014 week 1

1 lb. of asparagus
12 oz. of rhubarb
7 oz. of green beans
1 bunch of radishes
1 bunch of kale
1 pint of strawberries

So, what’s in store for this week’s produce?

Well, the green beans are gone. We ate them with our favorite dinner the other night. I didn’t even bother to cook them. After all, somethings are best fresh off the vine. 🙂 The strawberries made their way into a pie. We made quick work of the asparagus as well – I grilled it for dinner tonight.

And while I typically use rhubarb in desserts or muffins, I may make it part of our dinner with this recipe. I am thinking of sauteing the radish greens and using them on top of a fried egg sandwich, and I think I’ll make some pesto with the kale. And then I’ll toss the pesto with some pasta, Parmesan cheese and bacon. How’s that sound for a quick dinner? I haven’t decided if I am going to eat the radishes raw or find some way to cook them. Radishes stump me every year…

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