Catching Up…

Has anyone noticed that things have been a little quite around here lately? No? Hmm. (That could have something to do with my already-infrequent writing schedule, I suppose.) Well, I actually have a valid reason this time, rather than another “we’ve just been so busy” excuse. It turns out that hurrying across an icy driveway isn’t always the wisest idea. Especially when you wipe out and land on your right wrist. Whoops.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad, as they sent me home with my arm in a splint and instructions to take it easy for four weeks. I’ve gotten pretty good at working a mouse with my left hand, and I’m able to zip my coat and tie my own shoes again, so things are definitely looking up. One of the hardest things has been the forced “vacation” from the kitchen. I cannot wait to get back to making dinner again after work, and I’m pretty sure that Andy is more than ready for me to get back to cooking as well.

So, what have we been eating for the last three weeks? When this happened, I told Andy that bones don’t heal on bachelor food, so there was no way we were eating frozen pizza and canned soup for a month. 😉 He’s done a great job of picking up the slack and keeping us fed. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve eaten over the last few weeks (along with some Subway sandwiches, Papa Murphy’s pizza, blizzards from DQ and dinners out with friends):

Meanwhile, I have been catching up on my blog reading and making mental lists of all of the things I want to make as soon as I can wield a knife again. (Trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg…) 


With any luck, I’ll take some pictures and share some things with everyone here!

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