What We’re Eating 3/7 -3/11*

07 Mar

*We could also title this week’s menu “Cooking with Cast Iron.” The library let me borrow a copy of Cook It In Cast Iron, and I cannot wait to start trying some of the dishes. I tend to be a ‘try before you buy’ girl when it comes to cookbooks, since I don’t want to overrun the house with impulse buys, but this one is definitely moving up on my birthday wish list. (Are you listening, Andy?) Three out of my five meals are from the book, and I am hoping to have some time next weekend to try a couple of the desserts and breads as well. I mean, hot fudge pudding cake? Rosemary focaccia bread? Be still my beating heart.

Anyway. Let’s focus on what we’ll actually be eating, rather than my mile-long dessert bucket list. 😉

Monday 3/7 – Corn and potato chowder with biscuits. This isn’t seasonal at all, but I have corn AND corn cobs in the freezer, so it’s the next best thing. (I figured that saving corn cobs for soup was just like saving chicken bones for stock.) And just like I did with the great garlic soup, I added spinach to make it a one-pot meal.
Tuesday 3/8 – Chipotle chicken tacos – CIICI #1!
Wednesday 3/9 – Skillet macaroni and cheese with salad – CIICI #2!
Thursday 3/10 – Blackened chicken with pineapple cucumber salsa and rice – CIICI #3!
Friday 3/11 – Breakfast for dinner! I’m going to try these chai-spiced waffles with some fruit. I may make some bacon to go with this as well, but if I was feeling really ambitious, I’d try the homemade breakfast sausage patties from the cookbook too.

And there you have it! .



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2 responses to “What We’re Eating 3/7 -3/11*

  1. Grandma Baldwin

    March 7, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Grandpa doesn’t want to be changing on the way I cook he likes everything the old fashion way. Ha!He says when you make something everybody likes why change it. I like to try new recipes. Are you coming home for Easter?

    • Beth

      March 7, 2016 at 10:26 pm

      Ha! I can just hear him saying that. Andy would probably agree that there’s no reason to change something if everyone likes it. 😉

      I don’t think we are coming home for Easter, since we don’t have any extra time off. Wish we could; we miss you!


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