First Scapes! 

Happy garlic scape Monday, everyone! I just cut the first scapes from our garden. I love harvesting everything that we plant, but I get most excited about the early crops. 

Now I just need to decide what to do with these guys. Besides pesto, of course. That’s a given. 

The rest of our garden is coming along nicely. The tomato plants are blooming, and the peas are ready to start climbing the fence. Now if only the weeds would slow down a bit. 


4 thoughts on “First Scapes! 

  1. Grandpa got his first tomatoe May 26 the earliest he ever got one. It was two very small tomatoes but was his first ripe ones. It is wonderful that you have a garden alot of people don’t know how to make one. Nothing better than to pick and eat what you have sown. Keep up the good work makes grandpa proud. Love you both

    1. Scapes are the part of the garlic plant that would turn into a flower. I cut them off before the bud fully develops. You can make pesto out of them, but tonight, I chopped some up and sauteed them with olive oil and then tossed them with shrimp, basil, lemon zest and pasta, and then put parmesan cheese on top.

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