CSA Week #4

We are definitely tasting the rainbow this week! Between the blueberries, beets and that funky yellow squash, it’s a very colorful haul!

Here’s what you’re looking at: half a pound of sugar snap peas, one pint of blueberries, two zucchini, one cucumber, four beets, a bunch of garlic scapes and one goofy-looking yellow summer squash. They called it a ‘patty pan zucchini.’ Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for that guy? Should I just chunk him up, coat with some Italian dressing and grill him?

A quick update from last week’s CSA stash: I decided to roast (yes, even in this ridiculous heat) the kohlrabi. I found the inspiration at AllRecipes.com. I also gave In Her Chucks’ recipe for zucchini fries a whirl (in spite of Andy’s skepticism). Both recipes were a great success! Especially the kohlrabi – we went from being a little concerned that we’d received two of them to very disappointed they were all gone.

I also made a big batch of garlic scape pesto, which I’m going to work into dinner tonight with some pasta and shrimp. Yum!

Our garden is loving this crazy heat and going gangbusters! My basil is flourishing, and so is the Swiss chard. Plus, I picked a giant bunch of green beans this morning. If they keep going that well, I will be canning some later on!

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