CSA Weeks 16 & 17

Picking up our CSA is one of the highlights of my week. (Actually, Andy picks it up, but still. You get my point.) I love trying “new” veggies, and being stretched outside my cooking comfort zone. I also love getting a box full of my favorite veggies, and the last two weeks have not disappointed me at all.

Drumroll, please… it’s time for… SQUASH! We’ve gotten acorn and spaghetti squash so far, and our neighbors (the ones with the great green thumbs) were nice enough to give us two butternut squashes. I can’t wait to put some squash on the menu.

Here’s week 16: 

CSA week 16

We received four ears of sweet corn, a bag of greens, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, a cantaloupe, two peppers, an acorn squash, two okra pods and an eggplant. The sweet corn was the best corn we’ve had all season (maybe that’s because we knew it’d be the last until next year).

I roasted the peppers with last week’s tomatillos to create a green sauce for those chicken enchiladas (which we really enjoyed). I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the eggplant and okra though. My sister-in-law suggested frying it, and I saw this recipe for gumbo dip. If only Andy liked dips… where’s a girl’s night when you need one?

I have big plans for that acorn squash. I’m stuffing it with sausage, apples and cheese. I can’t wait! 🙂

Now, on to week 17: 

CSA2013 week 17

Holy head of cabbage, Batman! Cabbage and noodles with bacon, coming right up! 🙂 And a spaghetti squash! Now I have to decide which way to prepare it! There’s also another bag of grape tomatoes, some sweet peppers, a bunch of radishes, a bag of greens and a few tomatoes. I used some of the grape tomatoes in this recipe, and we made a few beautiful side salads with the bag of greens. I will probably try to find something new for the radishes, since Andy wasn’t too thrilled with the last batch that I roasted. Any ideas?

In other produce news: Andy picked LOTS of apples this week, which means we’ll be making applesauce (and crisps, muffins and other goodies) very soon. I picked quite a few grapes this week (thanks to my friend Bekah!) and canned 21 quarts of grape juice yesterday morning. Gotta love fall produce. 🙂

As always, I’m sharing this post at the “What’s in the Box?” link party over at In Her Chucks. Check it out! 🙂

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